Mary Lou & Mario

With over 40 years of international experience as spiritual Teachers and Healers, Mario and Mary Lou founded the very unique therapy Bliss Core Alignment. They also offer Sacred Sound Celebrations and other forms of group transformation, personal sessions, counsel and readings.  M&M combine ancient wisdom with quantum field knowledge, opening the accelerating gates of frequency, sound and vibration.  MARIO is a holistic healing practitioner, sound healer, and international spiritual counselor, speaking 5 languages. Mario’s expertise extends into Rudolf Steiner’s bio-dynamic gardening, teaching the spiritual path of the alchemical gardener, which he lived for 12 years in Greece, and another 12 years as co-director of a Demeter spiritual organic school, farm and community in Germany.  MARY LOU is an intuitive sound voice vibration healer, counselor, and Angelic Empowerment reader as well as an inspired composer and transmitter of Lemurian Light Language. Her voice contains frequencies that open the whole being to find authentic expression. Together they facilitate through their voices and music the experience of deep connection with LOVE.  Every Sacred Sound event unfolds unique pathways to experience Divine Presence.


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