Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling’s journey to where he is now, as one of New Age music’s premier harp players, was not conventional. His journey was propelled by equal parts happenstance, serendipity, and spiritual epiphany. Peter’s inner voice spoke to him of a place–Sedona.

Sedona worked its magic on Peter. He would find spots beside creeks to sit, be quiet, and meditate. Eventually, Sedona’s unique power unveiled itself and Peter began hearing music–beautiful, celestial music, an angelic choir singing to him as he sat in isolation within the presence of all that earthly beauty. He realized what he was hearing was music of the spheres.

Happenstance tapped him on the shoulder and Peter made contact with a woman who was selling a small Celtic harp. He and his harp soon were a pair, hiking way back into red rock canyons. It only took a few weeks before Peter felt that “inner music.” He had come to believe that it was angels who were “speaking” to him by inspiring his music. One day at sunset, the angels appeared to him. Peter was not just playing through them, but now was playing for them.

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